Easy KnotterMaureen “Reenie” Oliveto has been interested in crafts her entire life, but it wasn’t until she began creating works of beaded jewelry that she truly found her passion. Discovering that creating the evenly-spaced look, she liked in her jewelry, was a difficult task, Reenie invented the Easy Knotter simply to make her hobby easier for herself. After a patent search revealed that there was no other product on the market that helped beaders create evenly-spaced knots, Reenie began working on bringing the Easy Knotter to other beaded jewelry enthusiasts. For several years now, she and her dedicated family have worked to promote this product, appearing on television programs, traveling to trade shows across the country, and giving classes to show people how wonderful this craft can be once you start using the Easy Knotter.
Bracelet ValetMore recently, Reenie also invented the Bracelet Valet, which acts as third hand, helping people to put on clasped bracelets quickly, easily, and without the help of another person. As with the Easy Knotter, she has worked hard to spread the word about this new product. As a person who knows how rewarding to create, wear, and sell your own beautiful works of jewelry, Reenie hopes that everyone interested in beaded jewelry can benefit from these two remarkable products. Reenie also continues to market and sell her own jewelry, which she creates using the finest materials and beads she can find.
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