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I'm addicted to my Easy Knotter!
  -Julia M., New York
I bought one of your Easy Knotters at the Beadfest Philly. I just wanted you to know what a great time I'm having with it! It has opened up a whole new beading avenue for me. I have some focal beads that I was stumped on how to showcase and have now incorporated them into beautiful designs using your product.
  -Marion R., Maryland
For me, the Easy Knotter is my time to myself; its a way to absorb yourself in a creative pursuit that is also very productive. Its simple to use and gives you so much gratification when you're done-Everyone should have one-AND-they're easy to travel with also-I've brought mine to Italy, Austria and Hungary.
  -Lorraine M., New York
I have not done beading for about ten years, so this must be something new. I love your little gadget for knotting. It works so well.
  -Joan, New York
Thanks to a bead show last summer, I stoped at Reenie's booth with a friend. She was demonstrating her Easy Knotter and after talking to her, we discovered that she gave classes in Cornwall, NY. Reenie's conducts the classes in a very fun way. She is patient, very creative and the inventor of the wonderful, versatile Easy Knotter. Reenie's Easy Knotter is the first tool of its kind that allows evenly spaced knots to be made. It is truly a bargain.
  -Judy, New York